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Patient Information

Patient Information

Dex... Optimising your body for surgery with complex carbohydrates

  • Dex is a liquid meal that is safe to have before your anaesthetic

  • Dex eliminates the usual hunger and thirst that precedes surgery

The Dex effect
  • Transforms your body into a state of “building” rather than “breaking down" protein which helps your body repair itself as soon as surgery finishes

  • Medically formulated to optimise your body for surgery

  • Keeps your body nourished, hydrated and comfortable before surgery

  • Prevents muscle breakdown that occurs with fasting

  • Enhances recovery and assists in getting you home faster

  • Helps reduce post-surgical infection by maintaining immune function

  • Reduces likelihood of nausea after your operation

Dex has been formulated to be:
  • Fructose-free, sucrose-free and has no artificial flavours or colours

  • Energy-dense, packed with complex carbohydrates

  • Pleasant to drink when fasting, with a subtle, gentle flavour

  • Meets strict fasting guidelines that recommend clear fluid preoperatively

  • Suitable for use prior to surgery, gastroscopy and colonoscopy

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