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Hospital Information

Hospital information

Dex. … differentiating hospitals that optimise patients before surgery from those that starve and trivialise patient comfort.

Patients given carbohydrate drinks before planned surgical procedures went home between 1 and 13 hours sooner than those receiving a placebo drink30


(Key result of the Cochrane review 2014)




Drinking maltodextrin preoperatively improves clinical outcomes

1)     Patient satisfaction levels soar12

2)     Reducing length of stay in hospital22,24

3)     Muscular strength post operatively26

Hospital advantages:



Tranquility on wards - Patients who are thirsty and hungry are prone to headaches and nausea and are more likely to become irritable and angry with unexpected changes that inevitably occur.



Less confrontation and frustration with staff from patients. Starving results in resentment, irritability and anger, which results in irrational behaviour (“hangry”) towards nurses and clerical staff, who frequently have more difficult personal interactions with patients that are in this “catabolic state”.



Patients leave hospital earlier, having had a more positive experience in those hospitals that integrate complex carbohydrate drinks into their protocols.



Surgeons receive positive feedback from patients about their hospital experience when Dex. was administered: “I was comfortable and hydrated”  before entering theatre, not starving. This improves the reputation of the hospital and encourages surgeons to move all their lists to a hospital that provides Dex to patients.

The cycle of happiness that results from the “fed” state causes patients to associate that hospital as a “good’’ hospital where they felt comfortable. The intangible and tangible benefits of Dex are significant.


Hospitals should follow “best practice guidelines” and facilitate “evidence-based medicine”. When reviewing all ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) elements, an oral carbohydrate preload is one of the major elements that independently had a significant effect on reducing complications and improving well-being. Oral carbohydrate preload also reduced the need for intravenous fluid20. 

The physiological benefits of Dex include:
  • Preventing catabolism and subsequent hyperglycaemia, loss of fat and protein stores, insulin resistance, and overall surgical trauma25

  • Decreasing hunger, thirst, anxiety and nausea

  • Nourishing the body to prevent a "starved state"

  • Maintaining an alkaline pH in the body

  • Facilitating  intravenous access

  • Minimising risk of aspiration as per anaesthesia guidelines

Dex is proudly the only surgery specific carbohydrate drink that is:
  • Australian-owned

  • Australian-formulated

  • Australian-manufactured


... which is just another reason why leading hospitals are integrating Dex into their protocols.


“Little things make big things happen”

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