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Clinical Benefits

Clinical Benefits

Maltodextrin preoperatively has been shown to improve:
  1. Length of stay in hospital22,24

  2. Patient satisfaction levels12,27

  3. Muscular strength postoperatively26

  4. Complication rates by:

  • Reducing insulin resistance15,25,33,34

  • Preserving muscle mass16

  • Facilitating wound healing7



Patient satisfaction levels

  • Patients feel hungry, thirsty and light headed preoperatively

  • Patients often think the surgeon is responsible for theatre list planning, and may attribute excessive fasting times to the surgeon

  • Anger at waiting and fasting is often not verbalised to the surgeon

  • Dex provides some happiness and relief from starvation before surgery

  • Enquire if your hospital is capable of offering Dex to your patients in the event of a delay


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