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Anaesthetists Information

Anaesthetist information

Dex… Safely improving patient care and satisfaction

Advantages of drinking 50g of maltodextrin preoperatively


  • Appreciative patients – less anxiety, hunger, thirst, headache, nausea13, lightheadedness27

  • Appreciative nurses and secretaries - look forward to dealing with your patients who are in a better physical and mental space (less irritable).

  • Nurses have something positive to offer patients who have their surgery delayed




  • Stimulates anabolic insulin hormones which counteracts the catabolic endocrine and metabolic stress response from the trauma of surgery26

  • Intravenous cannulation is facilitated – less venoconstriction

  • Improved stability on induction by keeping patients hydrated




  • Prevents insulin resistance25,33,34.

  • Facilitates immune response by minimising postoperative hyperglycaemia. Excess blood sugar inhibits phagocytosis and chemotaxis6,35,36.

  • Less post-operative nausea and vomiting has been demonstrated32.



Advantages of Dex. to the anaesthetist

  • Differentiates your practice - Patient satisfaction levels soar

  • Patient-centered care (comfort is not trivial)

  • Premium service to your patients - exceed their expectations

  • Dex is safe and complies with ANZCA, ASA and RACS guidelines

How can you improve your practice?
  • Don’t let other staff dictate outdated starving conditions for your patients

  • Be active in carbohydrate-loading your patients before the event

  • Don’t let staff confuse your patients with the phrase “you can have clear fluids”

  • Be specific, avoid confusion. Prescribe Dex

  • Dex is the only Australian-made and Australian-owned clear fluid specifically designed for surgery

  • Make your patients comfortable, optimise them for surgery, facilitate IV cannulation

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